Pro Accounting coordinates your client database; requests; proposals; receivables; payables and financial records throughout the fiscal month. From when a client is obtained, it’s important to keep accurate and direct readings of expenditures, communication and company stability. Selecting the proper service structure is important when guaranteeing smooth sailing throughout the monthly interactions and transactions.

Invoice entry

Estimates, invoices and updated financial statements are imperative when coordinating transactions. Our team utilizes software which allows immediate access of balances and transactions, while allowing our staff to update files throughout the project log/s.

Billing correspondence

Following up with consistent communication regarding receivables and payables allow for smooth and efficient collections and payments. You also get to customize your standard billing methods, with the option of choosing a wide range of credit card payment among other verifiable means of pay. When processing payments for vendors or subs, we offer options for pickup or direct mail among our standard methods of deliverable payments.

Bank reconciliation

End of month reports help you monetize, strategize and clear records and amounts correctly. Being proactive helps notice red flags and organize your business for most accurate end of fiscal year accounting reports.

Payroll and time tracking

Employee and job site clock readings are important when monitoring and scheduling payroll. We assist with sourcing the most advisable payroll solution and guide the process via time tracking and software efficiency so you don’t have to.