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Pro Accounting has it’s roots in helping the building trades keep track of their numbers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help other industries. In fact, we’ve found that accounting for every screw on a building site has prepared us just about everything.

We serve a wide variety of industries:

  • Enter invoices, progress invoices, estimates, change orders etc.
  • Keep track of all Costs per Job and bill the customers promptly
  • Link your time tracking and Payroll to its Project
  • Provide customized job reports during at the end of each project
  • Keep track of your subs’ insurance certificates
  • Prepare your AIA forms.
  • Record construction cost – from Land, Hard to Soft costs
  • Keep track of Rental income and expenses for running and maintaining properties.
  • Account for all loans, mortgages, interest and payments
  • Integrate sales from all channels in to your financial system
  • Make sure all your purchases and expenses by channel are recorded the right way
  • Keep track of your inventory
  • Provide you with customized reports to give you exact numbers how much and from where you get your income.
  • Account for all your POS transactions
  • Take charge of your cash register balance, thus recording daily minor payouts
  • Make sure all Purchases and Expenses are recorded the right way
  • Get you sales and comparison reports
  • Enter all deals in your accounting system
  • Calculate agents commission including splits and listing fee
  • Customize reports to reflect exact profit per listing, agents and your bottom line.
  • Manufacture your numbers from Raw Materials, to the Build, till the Finished Goods
  • Also add your time and labor per unit
  • Keep track of your Inventory and Sales
  • Customize reports to reflect exact profit per unit
  • Keep track of your time spent per Client
  • Record your cost/mileage by project
  • Provide you the right reports to reflect your bottom line