We love numbers.

CEO Samuel Fish had always been into numbers. From his time working in non-profits, Sam realized the power of numbers to increase organizational efficiency and stretch precious resources. When friends suggested he start an accounting/financial firm, he enrolled in classes to learn the business.

Sam’s first client came while he was crunching numbers for B&H Photo’s real estate division. Some of the sub contractors begged him to do their accounting in his off hours. They told their colleagues. And it grew.

Today, Pro Accounting has been in business for just over 8 years. Our experience in the building and construction industry taught us all the angles when it comes to their kinds of projects. That same experience is invaluable to all our clients who are, after all, in the business of building their bottom line.


While we are not a CPA firm and we do not file personal or business returns, we are affiliated with over 45 accountants and we work closely with your accountant when he files your return.


Leave the books to us.

We don’t just do the bookkeeping. We provide you with a complete virtual accounting service with access to real time information 24/7. And we’re there for you every step of the way, sharing ways you can use all that information to build your bottom line.

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